May Day 2013 in Coan Park

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS (event description follows):

4-10pm: Free Food
4-8pm: Really Really Free Market
5:30pm: Puppet Show: Grand Jury Resistance and Security Culture
6pm: Eviction Blockade Workshop
6:30pm: We Few (live music)
7pm: Solidarity Unionism Workshop
7:10pm: Indigo Violence (live music)
7:50pm: Georgia Slim (live music)
8pm: The Matrix Movie Showing
10pm: Goodnight!


This May 1st, May Day Atlanta will host a cookout from 4-10pm in Coan Park. The address is 1530 Woodbine Ave, Atlanta, GA 30317. We will bring the food, you bring the rest! It’s International Workers’ Day, and we want to commemorate it by coming together and sharing good times.

Last year we had a wonderful festival with live music, food, workshops, a Red vs. Black soccer game, and a film showing. Let’s make 2013 one to remember!

If you would like to play music, do a workshop, bring zines, do crafts, or whatever, please do so and let us know! We will add it to the list of events and projects happening in the park that day.

If you are interested in coordinating our efforts, please consider emailing us at

This will be a fun atmosphere for Atlanta’s anti-capitalists to enjoy themselves as a community. In that spirit we would like to help coordinate and promote other initiatives in our city to act and come together on May Day.